Tom Stratton's Pipeline TD Code Samples

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Welcome to My Pipeline Code Samples.

I can't put everything I've created online but here are some movies of a few tools in action - matching code samples are available on GitHub (@projectguerilla):

In addition to the demos here, I've coded the following:

dMFX Submitter

A PyQt/python GUI script to allow easier shot/element/asset submission to the Shotgun production database (includes drag and drop support)

dMFX Submitter from Tom Stratton on Vimeo.

Clone Folders

A simple python based mac gui for automatically generating project folder structure based on a user-specified template

CloneFolders from Tom Stratton on Vimeo.

Payroll/Time-Card App

A web app based on that provides a UI standing between artists and the Shotgun database. Used for tracking payroll time within Shotgun.

Payroll App from Tom Stratton on Vimeo.